At Your advisors we specialise in the management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and room rentals. We are one of the only agents who have an interest and experience of HMO Management in Ipswich and surrounding areas. We already manage a number of HMO's and we are actively looking for more HMO's to supply the huge demand we have for rooms and shared accommodation. All our tenants are working professionals and we only look after high quality HMO’s in Ipswich and surrounding areas. We now have a reputation in town as the “go to” agent for rooms to rent for both tenants and landlords alike. We have recently launched our “Boutique HMO' branding to specifically cater for upmarket shared accommodation in Ipswich.

HMO management is a very different skill to the management of single lets and is generally a lot more time consuming and demanding. We are experienced and knowledgeable regarding the management of HMO regulations and the licensing criteria for these properties. We are able to advise on whether or not your HMO will require a licence and the various other safety regulations that come with HMO's including fire safety etc and planning regulations.

An HMO is a great way to maximise returns on a property but it must be managed correctly to ensure it is compliant with the law and most importantly your tenants are happy and living in a safe environment. We have the experience and knowledge to attract professional tenants fast, keep the occupancy rate high and minimise voids and keep a happy house by managing tenant relationships. HMO's are a business and need managing like a business and we do just that for our clients.

As part of our responsibilities of being a good managing agent and looking after our properties, landlords and tenants, each month we conduct some standard inspections. These include testing smoke and fire alarms, replacing light bulbs, taking meter readings, scheduling any outstanding maintenance tasks so that the properties are kept in as good a condition as possible. Some tenants report the smallest of problems and sometimes what can be quite big maintenance jobs never get reported so we make sure we visit the properties regularly and have a look for ourselves at what needs doing.

If you already own HMO's and are tired of the day to day management or you are thinking of buying an HMO and would like help with finding tenants and/or managing the property then please contact us to see how we can help you have an enjoyable investment with maximum returns.